1. Barbara with Frye

2. Frye as painted by

Jeff Sprang

3. Frye photo by

Deborah Shackleton

4. Frye with Helen,


5. Frye



6. David Levine

caricature of Frye as


7. E.J.Pratt, 1944

8. E.J. Pratt, c.1930

9. Wm Blake, 1807

10. Tyger! Tyger!

11. Oberon, Titania

and Puck, with

Fairies Dancing

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These photos provide some background to The Queen of Unforgetting. Click on one of them to display a larger

version. After a little while, the photographs will begin to change automatically approximately every nine seconds.

You may stop the show or advance the photos at your own pace; the controls are self-explanatory.


EXTRA INFORMATION: 1. Northrop Frye and his wife, Helen, vacationing in cottage country in the '50s. The little girl is Barbara

Kerslake, a friend of Sylvia. 4. An early photograph, hand-coloured; 9: William Blake, 1807, portrait by Thomas Phillips; 10: Plate

printed by William Blake collected in Songs of Experience11: A Painting by William Blake.


Some photographs of Ste-Marie-Among-The-Hurons are available here.


...And this is Ste-Marie's official site.